Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Political Career

By 1880, when he was 58, the village consisted of,100 houses, 400 people, 5 stores, a school, 3 churches, 5 blacksmith shops, a cabinet maker, shoe, tin and harness shops, as well as a wharf and storehouses.

When Moss was 66 years old, in 1882, he became an MP, winning the Conservative seat for Russell. He was typical of 19th century MP’s from Ontario, in that he was Protestant ( Moss was a Presbyterian) , he was a business man ( in lumbering and milling) and he was fairly well-to-do. However, he was not really representative of his rural constituents. He seldom spoke in Parliament, being more a man of action, but he did serve on several committees, such as, Railways canals and telegraph. He probably hoped that being an MP might help him in his financial distress.

He became friendly with Sir John A MacDonald, who conducted one of his campaigns from Dickinson House. Sir John also addressed a large rally from the saw mill, the biggest building in town.


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