Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Moss, the Young Man

Moss was born in 1822. He was named for a family friend, Moss Kent, who was a judge and member of congress.

In 1828, the family returned to Canada, and Barnabus expanded the transportation business, to include, not only the stagecoach part, from Montreal to Dickinson Landing, but also, to go by steamer, from there through to Kingston.
( Dickinson
Landing was named for Barnabus)

In 1832, Moss and his father, attended the opening of the Rideau Canal, in
Kingston. They met Colonel John By and also a Trigge family from England. Their Daughter Elizabeth, was 10 years old, at the time.

In 1833, Barnabus succumbed to cholera, which was raging among the canal workers, at the time. Lydia, his widow, moved the family to Prescott and her eldest son, continued the business. Moss attended school there and in Cornwall, subsequently returning to Denmark, to complete his business training at an Academy. By the time he was 16, he was employed as a clerk. (The town of Denmark no longer exists; it would doubtless be thriving today if Moss had stayed there).


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